Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Within Your Reach, Inc. is a private, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the advocacy and social change for warriors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Within Your Reach, Inc. is committed to advocating for individuals and families, and creating programs to educate the community, un-silence the silenced and bring about social change for our warriors.

By collaborating with local, domestic and international similarly minded non-profits, we aim to join together in an effort to stop sexual assault and domestic violence, and also support all of the warriors that feel uncomfortable coming forward.

By advocating, empowering, and supporting, we call on the community to ban together to help create a safety net for warriors to come forward and let their voices be heard.



When founder and executive director Marissa F. Cohen began doing research in college about sexual assault on college campuses, she realized that there was a real problem.  What was worse was, she had never heard anyone talk about it before.  As a warrior herself, she recognized the various emotions associated with surviving sexual assault and domestic violence, and understood why it wasn’t a common topic, but also realized that its prevalence outweighed the isolation she personally felt.  And that’s when she knew she had to do something.  And thus, Within Your Reach, Inc. was born.

Now, Marissa works towards building this organization, and its various programs and components, as well as collaborating with other non profits to create a network of people that survivors can turn to to seek help and guidance, and know that they will be believed, supported, and empowered.


Board of Directors

Nicole is a passionate ally for survivors of sexual crimes of all types. Her background is primarily based in Digital Media and Communication, having worked in Product Management for the past 6 years. While she has no formal background in counseling, she has insurmountable amounts of compassion and understanding for survivors and their struggle.

Her creative mind lends innovation to Within Your Reach, Inc. and she hopes to touch as many lives as possible on their journey to healing. Nicole works and lives in Manhattan with her boyfriend Matt and is a ski instructor in the winter months.

She loves ice cream, the sunshine, hockey, working out, and her family.


Board of Directors

Alexandra Cochran is the founder and Executive Director of HEAL- Homeless Empowerment through Art & Leadership, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. HEAL provides creative and professional opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness through a Mobile Art Studio that travels into homeless communities and the facilitation of art shows and sales. While working for imPACCT Brooklyn, she proposed and developed an arts and recreation department at a supportive living facility for previously homeless adults with chronic illness in order to increase the quality of life of their clients and improve recovery. She was named Woman of the Year 2015-2016 by the National Association of Professional Women.


Board of Directors

Brian Morelli, a New Jersey native, works as the Music Director and Evening jock on WKMK 106.3, a popular radio station on the Jersey shore.
Through various charity events and “Radio-thons”, Brian has helped the radio station amass over $330,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital since 2013, when the partnership between WKMK and the organization began.
To this day, Brian enjoys working with the community for beneficial causes.


Board of Directors

Mara is a successful serial entrepreneur who takes pride in helping small businesses grow. She is the co-founder and Vice President of Market Share Consultants, the Owner & President of Ardrel-Architectural Drafting & Elevations, and the founder of the non-profit organization, The Redefiners. She is involved with BABES-Bad Ass Bitch Entrepreneurs, an organization that brings together female entrepreneurs. She is well respected by both colleagues and the community for her exemplary leadership and dedication and she attributes her success to tenacity, strong family support, and communication skills. Ultimately, management is what Mara loves best, inspiring others to achieve their own level of greatness.
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Board of Directors

My name is Jill Groder Lettice, and I am a 49 year old wife and mother of an 8 year old boy, Charlie. We live in Monmouth County, New Jersey with our one year old beagle, Elvis. I have spent almost all of my adult career in home care. I was raised in the business as nearly teenager when my mother opened a home care agency. I went on to college, obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Dociology, but came back into the family business and stayed with it until we sold it in 2007. My sister and I ran the business for many years as President and Vice President. I also am trained in domestic violence response as well as sexual assault response and myself, a survivor. I love spending time with my family and following my son from football game to baseball game and after-school activities.


Digital Content & Communications Manager

Jene is a marketing and design mogul. Achieving her Adobe Certification at the age of 16, it has set her apart from others in the digital branding world. She has spent her entire working career developing small businesses and non-profits alike and helping them establish a solid marketing foundation and web presence for their future success. Graduating from Old Dominion University with a double major in Multi-Media and Graphic Design, she certainly holds a passion for cutting edge digital marketing. In her free time Jene enjoys spending time riding horses and driving her Camaro on the backroads of Colorado.

Create a safety net
for warriors to come forward










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